26 May 2023

Full-Time Staff Teacher assistant – Madinat Zayed

Yellow Corporation – Posted by JobsTeam Madinat Zayed, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Job Description

Teacher Assistants help teachers ensure students’ academic, social, and emotional success. The TA must think all kids can learn. They must also have a solid grasp of age-appropriate curricular, instructional, and classroom management skills, excitement for novel approaches, and the ability to adapt activities to accommodate student strengths. Teachers must model lifelong learning by investing in ongoing professional development and incorporating arts and technology into classroom and project-based learning to engage all pupils.

Job Title : Staff Teacher assistant
Location : Madinat Zayed, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Salary : $ 30.18 per hour.
Company : Yellow Corporation
Job Type : Full-Time


  • Verify that you perform the daily and weekly housekeeping tasks for the classrooms, such as sweeping the floors after meals and activities, wiping the countertops and tables, cleaning the changing tables, putting garbage in the proper receptacles, and washing, sterilizing, and putting away the equipment (toys, laundry and dishes).
  • Lesson plans and timetables in the classroom, as well as other administrative activities like collecting and folding, typing, laminating, and answering the phone are among the duties assigned to this person.
  • For example, assumes complete responsibility for a classroom in an absence of a classroom teacher, or teaches a weekly lesson plan in the absence of normal classroom teacher responsibilities.
  • It is important to stay in touch with the families of the children you work with in order to foster positive interactions with the programmers, an understanding of the children’s developmental needs, and a commitment on behalf of the programmers’ families to their children’s overall education and development.
  • Make every effort to assist the grade-level teams and homeroom teachers in keeping the classroom productive and efficient. Cutting and copying is one of these easy duties, while updating bulletin boards or filing student papers is another. Everything from making copies to cleaning the classroom to assigning grades can be included.
  • For the Child and Adult Care Food Program, you may help by entering meal counts in the necessary forms or software that are required to support claim payment. This will aid in the collection and updating of accurate data for the programmed (CACFP).
  • As the director of a summer camp, an after-school programmed, or the teacher in charge of a summer classroom, you are responsible for a number of things. These include developing and delivering lesson plans appropriate for specific age groups, ensuring that all necessary paperwork is finished (attendance sheets), and keeping constant watch over the campers to ensure that they are safe at all times.
  • Takes over for the lead teacher when required and ensures that all data collection and progress notes are finished within the allotted time periods for the division, that they appropriately represent functional and programmed criteria, and that they are completed in a timely manner.
  • To grade academic assessments in accordance with the teacher’s instructions. Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) ideas, approved behavior modification techniques/strategies, and physical limits must be utilized when providing adolescents with pre-crisis intervention and conflict resolution assistance.
  • To assist in the preparation and implementation of classroom lesson plans, programmed, and schedules, as well as other responsibilities as delegated, and to keep the look, tidiness, and security of the classroom a priority


  • Along with a high school diploma or its equivalent, being 18 years old, and possessing these qualities, as well as perfect execution, organization, reflection, courtesies, obedience, sincerity, fortitude, and temperance, are also necessities. Or be enrolled in a high school work-study programmed that offers childcare opportunities.
  • Administration of a traditional classroom that employs direct instruction, rules, structure, good incentives, and high expectations to produce quantifiable academic and civic success.
  • Required to have the ability to speak in an appropriate manner with children of diverse ages and skill levels, as well as with their parents, coworkers, and management. Also required to be able to communicate in an acceptable manner with their coworkers and management.
  • Showcasing the capacity to concentrate and adapt one’s vision, as well as to distinguish between close and far away objects, is a need for this test.
  • However, even though they spend the most of their time in climate-controlled classrooms, they are still subjected to working in unbearably hot or bitterly cold conditions throughout the year.

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Job Categories: Teacher assistant. Job Types: Full-Time.

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