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24 Feb 2023

Full-Time Remote Mental health worker – Ghayathi

Seaboard Corp – Posted by JobsTeam Ghayathi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Job Description

A member of the Behavioral Health Services Inpatient Unit’s nursing staff, the Mental Health Worker provides care for patients there. There are a variety of treatment programmers in place at the institutions, and the Mental Health Worker engages in them through individual and group techniques. The Behavioral Health Services Crisis Center also relies on the Mental Health Worker’s support services. (CCC). For this profession, you must be able to communicate effectively with both individuals and organizations.

Job Title : Remote Mental health worker
Location : Ghayathi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Salary : $ 23.29 per hour.
Company : Seaboard Corp
Job Type : Full-Time


  • Patients should be treated with respect at every chance that presents itself, and their wants and wishes should be taken into consideration throughout the whole of the treatment process. Candidates who are successful will also be required to function as patient advocates for their respective patients, supporting patients in locating answers to their problems and establishing their legal rights.
  • In order to maximize the amount of time spent at work, this person is open to new ideas and approaches. Demonstrates knowledge and the capacity to adapt to clinical treatment and educational aspects of care for all phases of life and diverse states of health and disease. demonstrates.
  • Medical treatment is provided in accordance with a patient’s needs as indicated by their age group and/or cultural background. Problem identification, planning and teaching are assisted by reporting relevant observations to the responsible party.
  • The mental health nurse will make an effort to get to know each patient in order to be able to assist them more effectively and to promote a sense of safety among them. In addition to that, they will put into practice the ideas of security, hope, and recovery. This entails providing treatment that is informed by trauma, employing tactics that de-escalate the situation, and utilizing the patients’ particular crisis plans.
  • Independent living skills like eating and bathing are taught and supported by direct care services as part of the person’s daily activities.
  • teaches and/or helps clients with feeding, bathing, urinating, dressing, clothes, maintenance, oral and physical hygiene, self-preservation, etc. to ensure that their daily needs and human rights are satisfied.
  • He is in charge of his own leisure activities, both in terms of planning them and actually participating in them. Patients’ emotional and intellectual needs are taken into account when a therapist designs an activity.
  • Assists patients with washing, dressing, eating, etc., and identifies methods to use the everyday life experience therapeutically. Patients are sent to different departments for tests or procedures as prescribed by the Resorts, and the nurse remains with them, checking their temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and breathing.
  • Instructs and/or assists patients in the following: eating, bathing, toileting, dressing, oral and physical hygiene, self-preservation, taking and reporting vital signs to guarantee that the daily requirements, dignity, and human rights of the patients are satisfied, as well as taking and reporting vital indicators.
  • A staff nurse’s primary responsibility each day is to update their coworkers and superiors—both verbally and in writing—about the patients on the unit. capable of settling disputes without resorting to violence. Supervisors for solitary confinement and restraints make sure that restraints are used properly and cycled, and they check to see whether they are in conformity with company policy.


  • Applicants must have at least one year of experience providing direct care services to the mentally ill, emotionally disturbed, or physically impaired in order to be hired, or (B) a qualification that can be used in place of that experience.
  • In-depth understanding of how to implement treatment in accordance with the plan’s criteria and guidelines specific to one’s unit or department, and the ability to adhere to therapeutic limits established by those standards.
  • People who desire to serve must be able to demonstrate their ability to put classroom knowledge into practice.
  • Making and engaging in extracurricular activities is an important life skill. Patients’ emotional, intellectual, and social needs are met via the planning and implementation of therapeutic activities that demonstrate an understanding of mental conditions.
  • Employees who work in units that utilize the Medication Administration Program must be certified in the programmed within six months of commencing their position or three chances for review, whichever occurs first. While taking part in the MAP programmed, it is critical that you maintain your certification.

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