25 May 2023

Full-Time KDB Data Scientist / Engineer – Hatta

Spotify – Posted by JobsTeam Hatta, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Job Description

A Data Scientist is needed. To keep our planet secure, you’ll join the Team and collaborate with specialists who design systems and solutions. As a society, we value intellectual curiosity, a diverse range of perspectives, and the willingness to bring your complete self to work. We also have an insatiable appetite for pushing the boundaries of what is considered feasible. In addition to being part of history, our workers are actively contributing to it. Get started on your career with us.

Job Title : KDB Data Scientist / Engineer
Location : Hatta, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Salary : $ 43.89 per hour.
Company : Spotify
Job Type : Full-Time


  • SQL, programming languages such as R or Python, and internal dashboards should all be used for data analysis. Conduct research on past buying patterns of customers and sales data, then make actionable suggestions.
  • Identifies and takes action on possibilities for continual development. Risk-taking, alternative techniques, and organizational learning are all encouraged by this policy. Demonstrates a personal commitment to change by doing and talking about it. In times of stress and uncertainty, you may help people embrace change by offering support and guidance.
  • Collaborate closely with the development team to provide new ideas based on data analysis The use of statistical and machine learning techniques to solve particular business issues and data With numerous teams and clients, work together in a fast-paced atmosphere in an entrepreneurial company.
  • Uses up-to-date information to create activities for continuous improvement that improve performance. Collects and looks over information or data about current and future best practice trends. tries to find out about things that could affect the progress of organizational and process issues.
  • Analyze and summarize the model findings. Making it easier to grasp the complexities of business documents Inquire about a wide range of possibilities. Procedures and exceptions considered inappropriate have been discovered. Predicts future issues with high accuracy based on existing trends. Studies data from both the financial and statistical realms.
  • Time management and capacity to work on one’s own are among her strengths. Organizes and prioritizes daily tasks and procedures, as well as being able to multitask. The department and individual goals are completed on time and with excellent results.
  • Aside from supplying information on Product & Tech activities, you’ll come up with fresh product growth possibilities and build momentum via influence. Hands-on arithmetic and critical thinking must be balanced in order to be effective.
  • Our proven ability to generate business results using databased insights enables us to leverage massive data sets to identify strategies to improve products and processes, as well as models to estimate how advantageous various actions are.
  • Explore and operationalize data structure and connections using supervised and unsupervised machine learning.
  • So you can take control of your workflow, you must prioritize third-party requests and accomplish tasks on time.


  • An advanced degree in computer science or a related technological discipline and five years of relevant work experience are also acceptable qualifications.
  • Conducting statistical analysis on huge datasets using several computer languages (Python, R, etc.) It would be helpful to have experience with D3.js, matplotlib, and the like. It is a really positive thing to make use of different machine learning algorithms including Random Forest, SVM, k-NN, Nave Bayes, and Gradient Boosting.
  • A master’s degree in statistics, computer science, mathematics, or another quantitative area is necessary, as well as 2-3 years of experience in a related capacity. Predictive modeling, big data analytics, exploratory data analysis, and machine learning have all been used to have a substantial commercial effect.
  • Part of the job is to be able to motivate or influence other people, which takes a lot of diplomacy and trust. Getting people to work together (both inside and outside the company) is a big part of the job, and a high level of interpersonal skills is essential for success in this position. Work often involves meeting with people and talking about problems, presenting information, and solving problems that affect other departments or divisions.
  • Information retrieval, machine understanding, answering questions/conversational AI, reinforcement learning, knowledge graphs, causal inference, and experiment design are all areas in which artificial intelligence is making significant strides.

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Job Categories: Data Scientist. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 17 days.

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