9 Mar 2023

Full-Time Electronics Engineer – Day Shift – Hatta

Stewart & Stevenson Services Inc – Posted by JobsTeam Hatta, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Job Description

You will assist our partner scientific divisions in designing electronics readout systems for cutting-edge experiments and scientific research in this fascinating Electronics Engineer post. You’ll concentrate on designing circuits for a range of detectors and data gathering readout devices. Electronic circuit modelling, design, layout, and fabrication, circuit debugging, and test stand creation for data collection systems for scientific purposes will be the majority of your tasks.

Job Title : Electronics Engineer – Day Shift
Location : Hatta, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Salary : $ 43.59 per hour.
Company : Stewart & Stevenson Services Inc
Job Type : Full-Time


  • It is vital for an application to have guidance and control over the design and architecture of power electronics systems.
  • Take part in all phases of the design process for Distribution Power Electronics products, from early planning to final testing: engineering and analysis. Manufacturing, installation, and field verification of Distribution FACTS devices are supported.
  • Compile and evaluate operational test and research data to aid in the establishment of performance standards for newly designed or updated equipment/products and to assess whether designs fulfil functional requirements.
  • Power converter design and development, active semiconductor switching devices and passive converter power circuit components are some of the topics covered (capacitors, inductors, transformers, etc). Inverters, converters, and other power electronics. Use the right semiconductors to tackle a wide range of issues (IGBTs, GTOs, GCTs, Thyristors, etc.).
  • Software packages like PSLF, PSS/E, PSCAD, EMTP and others are used to perform power flow, transient stability, reactive planning, infrastructure re-enforcement, generator connections and associated studies, such as studies on the simulation of equipment like SVC, STATCOM, and others.
  • Take part in the design, development, and testing of advanced power electronics, such as converters and inverters, that use medium to high power switching components (>500kW and up) and associated protection and gating circuitry. Depending on the task, equipment should be made with the right devices (IGBTs, GTOs, GCTs, Thyristors, etc.).
  • Prepare technical analyses and reports and conduct failure analysis and sometimes electrical/electronics design on a daily basis.
  • Control critical components such solar panel arrays, power regulation and distribution, and high-density batteries. Work closely with the technical team to integrate the systems.
  • Develop fresh ideas from technical concepts to budgets and timelines with your assistance.
  • Carry out verification testing on newly developed products and systems, carry out cost and reliability studies of the product, and offer instructions for assembly and testing for prototypes and production runs.


  • Analog electronics and power systems in space conditions are especially relevant to this person’s experience.
  • knowledge in the design of power electronic components is a plus Control and modulation methods for power electronics, circuit modelling and simulation, magnetic component design, switching device selection, testing and gate driver design, PCB layout, basic thermal management, and heat sink selection are just some of the topics covered in this course.
  • Degree in Electrical Engineering with at least nine years of relevant experience, or a Master’s in a related field with at least seven years of relevant experience, or even a Ph.D. in a comparable field with at least five years of relevant experience are all acceptable qualifications.
  • Knowledge of circuit and system analysis with the use of computer simulation (MatLAB, MathCAD, Simulink, PSpice, and others), With a focus on Microsoft Office, these are advanced computer skills.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, as well as the ability to get along with others and work well with them. Excellent at keeping track of things, planning, and following through.

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Job Categories: Electronics Engineer. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 10 days.

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